Shri Swarna Kameshwari Seva Sangh

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    His Holiness
    Poojaya Shri La Shri Kamakshi Swamiji
    Sri Swamiji is amongst us as a shining star to dispel the prevalent despair and
    ignorance. Sri Swamiji is a Jeevan Muktha and is the revered holy pontiff of
    Kamakshi Peetam at Nanganallur, Chennai. Sri Swamiji is available with motherly
    love to all the needy. His gentle and subtle uttering invariably provides the much
    desired comfort and guidance to get rid of the problems. Sri Swamiji had the rare
    privilege of serving his Atma Guru, Sri Chandrasekarendra Saraswathy Swamigal, the
    68th Pontiff of Kanchi Mutt (‘Sri Mahaa Periyavaa’) and is a blessed soul
    Sri Swamiji’s message to mankind is simple yet profound; it calls for
    “unflinching faith and abject surrender to Swarna Kameshwari, the Almighty.”
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    Why temple?
    The medicine to wipe out our sorrows is to develop unshakable faith in God.
    Bhakti alone can give us the capacity to put up with sorrows. Temples are the agencies for
    developing that Bhakti. All offerings to the deities are tokens of our gratitude to the God –
    Sri Mahaa Periyavaa

    Sri Swamiji’s vision: This temple offers rare opportunity to the devotees to have darshan
    and grace of all the 108 forms of the divine mother at a single place, which are spread
    across ancient India.
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    Shri Kamakshi Kaingarya Trust
    It was Sri Swamiji’s sankalpa that this trust was founded many years back which carries
    out various socio-religious activities for the welfare of the poor and down-trodden including
    conducting medical camps, poor feeding, free distribution of books/ educational kits and Veda
    Samrakshanam (Veda sadas and homams) for universal peace, safety and welfare etc

Thought for the Day - He who does not willingly accept/receive the offering/charity given to him, is like disregarding the Divine Prasadam of God.

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